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Feedback from attendees

Feedback from recent courses:

"This has been the best course I have ever been on, both socially and musically."


"I am so happy with what I have gained coming on this course. I feel privileged to have been here and I know it's going to make such a huge difference to my playing, Thank you so much."

"Having your own harp makes an amazing difference. You can practise as much as you want."

"The food is AMAZING. I haven't eaten so well in living memory."

"A perfect balance of fun things and classes."

"It's the best!"

​Feedback from earlier courses:

“Inspiring tutoring! ... everyone was friends with everyone” Vivienne, South Africa 

“I love the course – I’ve never learnt so much in 5 days!” Alex, Isle of Man

“You have given me confidence, musically and technically.” Marina, South Africa

“I now know how to practise! Thanks for a most illuminating and restorative lesson. You really encouraged and enlightened me. All the listeners are willing the performing student to do well – there is sympathy and understanding by all to all.” Kay, Kent 

“Fabulous – you have really helped me – I learned so much” Jeanne, USA 

“The harp course was great fun – can I come again?” Helen, West Midlands 

“I learnt such a lot in a very short time and I found it an enormous confidence booster" Emerald, UK

“The small size of the course gives some remarkable advantages: it seemed to facilitate the giving of more careful attention to each student.” Chihiro, Japan 

“A happy, safe environment” Kathleen, Canada 

"Very well organised” Jessica, France

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