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Summer Student Course

Friday 2nd August - Thursday 8th August 2024

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Over the course we will explore the following questions:

Virtuosity - can I learn it?

Freedom - are there unhelpful habits I could let go?

Sound - what makes a beautiful sound?

Expression - how can I be more expressive?

Pracising - what makes practice efficient and effective?

Comfort - can I be more comfortable physically when I'm playing?

  • Daily masterclasses on technique and repertoire

  • Private lessons

  • Opportunities for individual practice

  • Harp Recital

  • Harp Ensembles

  • End-of-course student concert

  • John Sebastian Morley Progress Prize

  • Delicious home-cooked farmhouse food

  • Fish and chips on the beach

  • Horse-drawn carriage outing

We want you to feel comfortable bringing your whole self to the Ibacus Harp Course, so diversity is an integral part of our culture. We create an inclusive atmosphere where all forms of diversity are welcomed and truly valued.

Diversity & Inclusion

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